September 28, 2011

Adchakra Launches ‘Brand Video Short Code’ at Adtech New Delhi

Revolutionizes the communications industry through the development of an innovative communication platform for Brands and Consumers
To better serve both Brands and consumers alike, Adchakra, the cross channel ad network of Percept Knorigin has launched its new innovative service ’Brand Video Short Code’ through which brands can have 3G Video short codes wherein consumers can make video calls to access information, engage or connect with the dealers.

This first-of-its-kind interactive ‘Brand Video Short Code’ can be used on any 3G enabled handset for access to a particular brand by just placing a video call.
Brands can use this service to create another channel of engagement with their customers and provide them engaging video content and can have a quick call to action in case customers wants to know more or purchase the product.
Speaking on the Launch of ‘Brand Video Short Code’, Daman Soni, VP Sales & Marketing, Percept Knorigin said, “Video calling is a killer application for Advertising and can provide pull as well as push based communication between brands and consumer. In today’s business environment which demands a higher degree of mobility than ever before, Adchakra’s platform will offer users an unrivalled service of video conferencing and Brand solution that helps achieve higher levels of efficiency and productivity. We would be taking this offering to the market in the coming year and would be working on identifying multiple innovative applications of this technology.”
The 3G subscriber base in India is expected to grow exponentially in coming years and apart from high speed internet access, video calling could be one of the key service offerings across industries.

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