November 13, 2013

Cinecurry crosses 50 Cr video views on YouTube

Press Release
August 13, 2013

Digital media has come a long way and can today be rightly called the face of world media. Television audience is slowly moving to digital media for news and entertainment and with time the online traffic is increasing by the day.

It is yet another feather in the cap of PK Online a digital media company, which has crossed 50 cr video views and 200,000 subscribers mark on its Youtube channel. Cinecurry channels cater to various languages and genres. They have dedicated channels for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Urdu. In addition to Entertainment they have covered genres like Devotional and Lifestyle.

Keeping up to the expectations of the Indian audience some of the top channels in India are Cinecurry: 237,261,541 views, Cinecurry Telugu: 33,230,172 views, Cinecurry Hot: 24,079,928 views, Cinecurry Tamil: 14,281,365 views and Cinecurry Kannada with 1,604,732 views

Cinecurry’s reach has crossed the Indian border and has entered the Middle East, South East Asia, Europe and Canada. Its views in Saudi Arabia, the highest, more than 43 lakhs followed by UAE with 33 lakhs. The other countries include Pakistan, Thailand, United States, Malaysia, Qatar, Indonesia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Mobile is the future carrier of the internet,

Cinecurry has tailor made videos to suit the format due to which 44.4% views on these channels come from mobile devices. They have also started creating their own Entertainment Videos with opinions on everything Filmy. Apart from videos they also post movie reviews and create original short films.


With increasing competition on social networking websites and other online portals, this is surely something which is noteworthy. With achievements such as these it is but obvious that PK Online is going places in the digital media industry.

Commenting on this milestone Cauvery Adiga Co-Founder & Head – Content Business, PK Online said, “_Video is the most popular form of content today for online population in India, We are investing proactively in making our content offerings wholesome with both ad supported model of content distribution on leading platform like youtube and subscription model with our operator partnered streaming services, PK online today offers single point solution to independent content producer to distribute and monetize content ”

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