November 1, 2018

Jaypee Hotel


Jaypee Hotel – Social Media

Jaypee Hotels is one of the leading Hotel chains in the country at present, and wanted to create vibrant equity and connectedness for its premium properties


  • Social Media was identified as a key channel for reaching out to the young families.
  • Long weekend getaways, fine dining, leisurely breaks and Valentines Day were identified as key opportunities to amplify the campaign around.
  • Visuals and videos were widely used to communicate the vividness and richness of experiences being ooffered by Jaypee Hotels

Optimized Plan:

  • Facebook posts with rich visual content were done around identified thematics and opportune time
  • Call-to-action (CTA) links of “Book now in every post targeted to the property city and catchment geographies
  • Stamp ads were used to create targeted reach and “premium quotient amongst TG
  • Specific Twitter contests were done to increase the followers and engaging the tastemakers

Organic engagement rates increased from 2% to 5% across Facebook and Twitter