November 5, 2018

Pashmina Builders


Pashmina Builders – Media & Lead

To create awareness about Pashmina’s new projects and connect the interested buyers with Pashmina directly


  • Buying a house is very sentimental and often requires a lot of persuation as well as frequent top of mind for a project to stand apart
  • Impact properties like Budget and IPL were chosen to start the specific demography focused brand building campaign over and above the reality portals
  • Communication impact was amplified using Google, emailers and focused content creation through partnerships with different plethora of vendors.

Optimized Plan:
Using a mix of Emailers, Tier 1 display and Google- execution got a media mix of the right components to generate the right amount of awareness as well as leads

The client got enough coverage and got to clear out the apartments inventory from their digital campaigns. For the first 6 months they did only digital activity and hence established a very premium and niche imagery amongst their target group.