September 28, 2011

PK Online Launches panasonic sound for india

We’re the kukdookoo in the mornings. We are the koo-ooo-koo-ooo in the rains. We’re the patt-patti at the signals. We the khusar-pusar in the classrooms. Often we are Raag Malhar. At other times we are the Mohana raagam. We are the bhangra, the disco-dandia, the jai ho, the frantic typing, heated discussion, the machi market, all at the same time.

Panasonic is celebrating exactly these sounds that stand for India through ‘Sound for India’ contest. Tap into the unique Indian sound that resides in your heart and stirs up your soul. Upload it for the rest for India to vote for it. If you get India’s vote, you also get a Panasonic TV.

So whats’s stopping you from being the ‘Sound for India’? Start rocking,

four easy steps to follow,


Choose and download any one of competition videos.These videos are without audio.

Add your Sound for India to the above video.

Create your account by registering with us and upload your video

winners will be decided by prominent jury.

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