May 7, 2015

PK Online Ventures: Bringing Peace & Positivity in to the Workplace

“Meditation more than anything in my life was the biggest ingredient of whatever success I’ve had,” the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio once quoted. This quote summarizes the fact that success of any business begins with individual effort. A man is a casket filled with inspiration, innovation and creativity and the judicious use of these qualities help a business reach the pinnacle of success. When an individual realizes the amount of potential he devours, his creativity is limitless. 

But sadly, for many, their potential is seriously limited by stress which can block creativity, inspiration, or worst of all, cause individuals to doubt their true talents. While companies have tackled these obstacles with a variety of stressmanagement programs, but not all of them are as effective as meditation. A digital media company – PK Online Ventures is one of the few who have incorporated such culture of meditation via their ‘Power Within’ program in their organization, contributing to a happier and healthier working experience for employees. This program not only endeavors to empower the inner self and creativity of the employees but also increases their capacity to deal with challenges.

One of the main causes of work place disability is the stress related with it, and given the harsh realities of today’s business environment, the chances of ending stress is slim to none. Hence, the founders of PK Online – Viraj Malik, & Cauvery Adiga – decided to acknowledge 20 minutes of meditation session ‘Power Within’ before work, which allows individuals to effectively deal with stress and be focused towards their and the company’s goal. “And when employees are focused towards their goals, it improves productivity which leads to increased profits and a healthier work environment,” proclaims Viraj Malik, MD & CEO, PK Online Ventures.

Being pioneers of digital media, PK Online has vested their focus on digital advertising and content distribution. The 2007 born company breaks through the clutter of the mundane industry through their unique multitude of services in digital advertising and content distribution covering Audience Buying, Mobile Video Monetization, Click to Stream and Click to Download. The proliferating success stories have also invoked the organization to build technology platforms such as Adchakra, CDS and products like Cinecurry, HelloTV to name a few.

Having core values like innovation, excellence and team work, the firm vests their focus on balancing work and personal life of their employees which creates happiness. Unlike other companies where the awards and appreciation is distributed by the CEO or the head, in PK Online every employee is endowed with this power. Viraj says, “We encourage a productive working environment where employees work hand-in-hand with each other. For us, creating a culture where employees are ecstatic, encouraged and accepted is the main priority, as it triggers them to be more motivated and perform better”.

The firm has aggressively invested in technology and skilled based training, specifically catering to the content domain. Having hired industry veterans from the broadcast industry, the firm trains its people in understanding of the customer insights. As employees are an asset for PK Online, a personal mentorship program is conducted where the founders provide personal mentorship to the heads of each department to become proficient leaders of the future. The firm aims to be an billion dollar company in the coming years and the key ingredient to achieve this is their man power.

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