November 5, 2018

Sparx Shoes


Sparx Shoe – Social Media

Sparx, One of the brands under Relaxo Footwears wanted to create a separate identity in digital space and own the adventure and fitness space. They wanted to launch the Facebook page & Twitter handle by exploiting the opportunity of the ICC World Cup 2015


  • Young male TG loves to share facts and history about cricket and cricketers. #CricketkaluckyCharm was conceptualized to encourage social engagement and sharing
  • Daily contests and posts help to multiply the amplification and effectiveness as well as organic reach for the brand.

Optimized Plan:

  • Facebook plan optimized during WC to target male 18-30 demographic browsing for sports content
  • Stamp ads were used to create targeted reach and exclusive quotient amongst TG

Apart from receiving huge response during the world cup, product posts received huge response organically. Campaign over-achieved by crossing the estimated likes and impressions by almost 2X.