November 1, 2018

Toshiba India


Toshiba India – Digital Activation

Toshiba India wanted to amplify association with Sachin Tendulkar and sync it with #WeareSachin 360 degree campaign. Digital was to be at the centre of this whole campaign


  • Social Media was identified as key to solicit user generated content- Facebook app works as a great trigger
  • Chance of meeting Sachin Tendulkar is a great incentive for people to trigger action and amplify the campaign even further
  • WAP and app are also critical to solicit user participation and campaign amplification

Optimized Plan:

  • Facebook, Web and Mobile apps were created to ease user participation and content sharing as a consumer contest
  • Google Search, Social, in-app as well as Youtube media were used to seek views and engagement as well as draw for lucky five to meet Sachin Tendulkar


  • 2 Mn+ clicks generated within 2 weeks to seek user participation and photographs for #WeareSachin mosaic visual
  • 17K+ user submitted photographs for Sachin’s mosaic which was tributed and gifted to Sachin as a potrait

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