October 30, 2018

Toyota U Trust


Toyota U Trust – Media & Lead

Toyota India wanted to create brand awareness about their used car business “Toyota U” amongst the relevant consumers as well as create an instant interface for people to seek callback from their respective local dealers


  • People look for trust while purchasing used cars and Toyota U serves that need perfectly
  • People do a lot of research on various internet media (Google search, Auto Portals, Youtube as well as Facebook to check car features and prices) and screens (desktop, mobile, tablets)
  • E-mail and FB conversion for lead generation goes up once a consumer has been flagged as interested

Optimized Plan:
We used a mix of channels which included Auto, Social, Content, Video and Google to get the desired results

We generated 3x times the amount of leads expected

  • The CR% on all channels were off the charts and the Google CR% was over 13%
  • Content marketing and FB generated extremely good results
  • Auto websites in Phase 2 and emailers generated great results