May 8, 2014

With high speed internet at disposal, online streaming is on the rise

Gone are the days when we were using internet for only social media, installing apps, playing games or mobile banking. With high speed internet at our disposal, the online streaming trend is pacing up.

But what are people viewing? It’s not only the entertainment, fun or music videos, serials, movies that are being watched, but seasonal sports events like the ongoing IPL soars up the charts when online streaming comes in.

Yes, more and more people are watching online on smartphones, tablets and laptops. The old concept of watching television has taken a back seat, especially in case of live events, as people want to get updated every now and then.

“Online and mobile viewing is growing exponentially. In India, 50% of Indian internet audience already watches videos online and on mobile. People are more receptive to video content on mobiles because of their small size which is easy to carry. Human brain is more receptive to video content as visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text,” says Cauvery Adiga, COO, PK Online, a company which runs the television service on and streams more than 120 live channels.

Agrees GD Singh, Director of nexGTV Mobile TV, a streaming company that has more than 16 million subscribers. “Mobile phones work as second screen not only on the move, but even at home, as people tend to watch TV on their mobiles even on Wi-Fi connection. We have noticed that during IPL and other popular events, the total time of content view increases manifold,” says Singh.

According to Google survey, in India, the desktop content consumption growth last year was only 7% while the mobile consumption growth was 143%, which was almost 20 times than that of the desktop.

“The concept of watching television has slowed in today’s fast moving world. With pocket-friendly devices and latest smartphones coming up in the market, the concept of instant news is gaining more importance. Television is for laid back viewing as one cannot carry it everywhere. But, with portable devices, the viewing is accessible anytime and from anywhere,” says Abhishek Jha, who is working with Infosys, Chandigarh.‘I watch IPL matches online. It’s easy to use and you are well updated. I do not miss single match update, even while travelling,” he adds.

Talking about the trend, Gaurav, an Engineer with Dell, Mohali, says, “It’s more personal, you can hoot, cheer up and enjoy. There is no one to disturb you. No family member to tell you to change the channel.”

Well, the trend is soaring each day and as users have apps at their disposal and with technology advancing every day, online streaming will pace up more in the coming future. So don’t wait for your idiot box. It might turn you into couch potato. Watch what you like, undisturbed; anytime, anywhere.

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